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Monday, November 12th, 2007
2:34 am - just because
i could never really decide whether or not it was a good thing to think or worry that you were going crazy.  does it mean that you're still just sane enough to know that crazy is around the corner, or just starting to be crazy enough that you're doubting things for no reason?  it's consequence time again, and as usual i'm taking things stellarly and dealing with them in a well-reasoned and productive way.  on the plus side, the two french assignments i've been putting off since september are almost done, and then i can get on to october.  and that language and society homework that was due the better part of a week ago.  and going to the health center.

on the plus side, the health center will be a two birds/one stone situation, in that i have (surprise) also been putting that off.  health deadlines: the wave of the future.

(bite my lip)

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
4:25 pm - One might call it a "fresh start"
I finally decided to give up the ghost and just delete all of the old entries from here, so that I might one day be willing to show this to people. Anyway, hurray for election day! Hopefully George W. Bush's days in office will be limited to a precious few and John Kerry will be headed for the White House in January. Had the day off so that the teachers can have "staff development" (a.k.a. so that we'd be out of the voters' way), and so I went down with Josh for him to vote and then hung out at his house for a while, helping him record part of his new song.
So, it's an appreciably beautiful fall day, lots of pretty leaves, Kylie losing her mind over squirrels in the back yard. Well, I think I'm going to iron some leaves between waxed paper and stuff like that. Back again at some point, I'm sure.

current mood: content

(bite my lip)

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